Speech and Language Evaluations

Talk It Up Speech Therapy offers evaluations to assess a child’s articulation, phonology, language, fluency, pragmatics, and language comprehension.  Evaluations are completed using standardized tests, clinical observations, parent reports, communication checklists, and play-based assessments.


Speech and Language Therapy

Talk It Up Speech Therapy provides individual speech and language therapy, addressing goals derived from an evaluation, from an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), from an Individual Education Plan (IEP), or from an evaluation completed by Talk It Up Speech Therapy.  Therapy can be delivered in any setting, including homes, schools, preschools, and daycares, anywhere to maximize communication ability.



Insurance companies consider Talk It Up Speech Therapy an out-of-network provider. Payment is provided by the family directly to Talk It Up Speech Therapy.  Parents will receive a paid invoice with treatment and diagnoses codes for their insurance.  With this information, families should contact their insurance company to determine what coverage is available for speech and language services and to see if they can use out-of-network benefits and/or reimbursement. Talk It Up Speech Therapy will provide progress notes, quarterly progress reports, daily notes as required by the family’s insurance company.