How well words can be understood by parents?

  • By 18 months a child's speech is normally 25% intelligible
  • By 24 months a child's speech is normally 50-75% intelligible
  • By 36 months a child's speech is normally 75-100% intelligible

Source:  Lynch, J.I., Brookshire, B.L., and Fox, D.R. (1980). A Parent - Child Cleft Palate Curriculum: Developing Speech and Language. CC Publications, Oregon.  Page 102


Children acquire the ability to produce sounds at various times in development.  As children learn to talk and develop their sound systems, they can be very difficult to understand.  Typically children eventually learn the sound system and and improve their intellligibility, or ability to be understood.  The following link provides norms or general guidelines for the acquisition of sounds.  If your child is making errors in sound production, please call for an appointment. 

Speech Sound Development Chart